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    An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Management

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    I have found that an interesting thing happens when your startup forms its feet. As the founder, it’s always been your job to see the road ahead and to share that vision with as many people as possible. You learn to speak tactfully about your business, constantly “selling” the idea to others. You also do a little bit of everything—from the finances to the social media marketing – as your baby grows.

    And then, one day, you bring on that first team member. And then your second, and your third. And suddenly, your job changes right before your eyes.

    Not only do you continue on this entrepreneurial journey, but you do it as a manager. And then, if you’re crazy enough, as a manager’s manager.

    I hear a lot of stories about entrepreneurs who aren’t great managers, and how this step in the startup process can be one of the most difficult. And it’s true: anyone who’s been through it knows that being a manager requires an entirely different set of skills than being a founder. Continue Reading

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