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    If we want women in entrepreneurship, we need to empower “mompreneurs”

    Back in May I came across an interesting article published in the New York Times called “The Gender Pay Gap is Largely Because of Motherhood”.

    The title is pretty self-explanatory. It talks about how women don’t seem to earn much less than men until they become moms. Then, for a number of reasons, the pay gap begins to widen.

    Maybe a woman takes time off to become a mom and raise her kids, and loses a few years of solid career-enhancing time (a la The Good Wife). Maybe she’s simply stretched too thin due to still-uneven distributions of labor in caring for children at home. Or maybe employers decide (whether subconsciously or not) to not give Judy that promotion because she’s been talking about having kids and we all know she’ll be less dedicated to her job then.

    For a number of reasons, we see motherhood as a burden on our careers, and not an opportunity.

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