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    The Pregnant Entrepreneur: Part One (of Many)


    Excuse the long delay in my writing – I know it’s been a while since my last post. You see, the last couple of months have been spent sleeping 15 hours a day, eating way too many sour gummy worms, and squeezing in as much work as I can manage between naps.

    No, I’m not on vacation. But the human growing inside of me sure seems to be!

    That’s right! Marvin and I are navigating the world of being parents-to-be. It has been filled with evenings begging my husband to pick up gorgonzola steak salads and crying over burnt chili, running out of breath during simple 30-minute prenatal yoga exercises, trying to decide if we need to upgrade to an SUV, and napping so proficiently that I wonder if I’m not just turning into a 16 year-old boy. Continue Reading

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    Things Chicago Gave Me

    Now that I’m moving out of Chicago, people ask if this city changed me. Have I learned a lot? Do I feel like a different person? I try to think of…

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    How to Nail Your First Keynote

    I spend a rather significant amount of time learning about entrepreneurship from people who are experts in the industry. I am, more often than not, a student: constantly writing down notes from…

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    A Tale of [Living In] Two Cities

    The best and most complicated question people have been asking me lately is where I’m based. Have you moved to Boston yet? They ask. Are you still in Chicago? It’s not…