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    Postpartum Pitching 101

    I had worn this dress many times before, but this time it fit in all the wrong places.

    The buttons up the front pulled apart, threatening to reveal small glimpses of skin between the gaps. The knee-length hemline clung too high, inching toward my upper thighs.

    I looked down at my feet, tightly squeezed into a pair of blue flats. Luckily, I had managed to pull on a pair of nylons which encased my lower half like a human sausage. Good thing, too, because my insides felt like they’d spill out at any moment.

    When they called my name, I eased my way to the front of the room. Continue Reading

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    13 Things I Know Now About Being Pregnant

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    Things Chicago Gave Me

    Now that I’m moving out of Chicago, people ask if this city changed me. Have I learned a lot? Do I feel like a different person? I try to think of…

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    A Tale of [Living In] Two Cities

    The best and most complicated question people have been asking me lately is where I’m based. Have you moved to Boston yet? They ask. Are you still in Chicago? It’s not…